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A Focus on Eye Injuries in Hollywood and Florida

Are your eyes in good shape? Do you take the precautions needed to avoid eye injuries? Many of us take our sight for granted, but facial injuries and eye injuries in Hollywood in Florida are devastating for thousands of people each year. A serious eye injury can deprive you of your sight, can end your career, and can be extremely painful.


The American Academy of Ophthalmology has declared April to be Sports Eye Safety Month. If you or your children play any sports or take part in any recreational activity, this is a good time of year to review safety equipment and best practices to prevent facial injuries.

Unfortunately, sports do create the risk of eye injury and facial injury. Many sports involve throwing a ball or other object. There is always a risk that during a game or practice a hockey puck, baseball, golf ball, or other small object will come careening at the face at very high speeds. The potential for injury in these situations is quite high.

In addition to direct contact, sports also create the possibility of falls, which can lead to eye injuries or as debris getting into the eye. Luckily, there are ways to help prevent eye injury no matter what kind of sport you play:

1) Wear the proper eye gear.

If your sport requires visors, goggles, helmets or other protective gear designed to protect your face and eyes, wear your safety equipment during every game and practice. Your gear is designed to help protect your eyes and face from serious injuries.

2) Always practice a sport safely, with the right coaches and staff present.

Make sure that if your children are playing a contact sport, they are only doing so when there are qualified coaches or adults available to supervise.

3) Learn the sport before you play and don’t overexert yourself beyond your skill level.

You are more likely to be injured if you try to play at a higher level than your skill allows. If you’re just starting out, begin slow and gradually increase your involvement as your skill level improves.

4) Stay focused when you play.

Don’t take unnecessary risks on the field during practice or during a game. Put safety first and keep your head in the game. Daydreaming or getting distracted when there is a high-velocity play going on around you can get you knocked over or injured.

5) Make sure there is someone on your team or staff who knows basic first aid.

If someone on your team did sustain an injury, would you know how to help them? Sign up for first aid classes as a group or sign up yourself so that you know how to protect someone who has been injured. This can help you avoid not only eye injuries but also head injuries.

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