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Surviving a Truck Accident

Truck accidents have a high fatality rate as well as a high rate of serious personal injury. The size and force of most commercial trucks make them no match for passenger vehicle. If you are in a passenger vehicle, there are only a few limited things you can do to help prevent head injuries, burn injuries, and other life-threatening injuries:

1) Prepare ahead of time. Your ability to survive a trucking accidents depends in part on how well prepared you are before the accident occurs. Staying alert while driving, for example, can give you a few extra precious seconds to brace for impact and prepare for a collision. Keeping focused on your driving and avoiding distraction can also help you prevent a trucking accident, of course. In addition, making sure that your car is well-maintained can ensure that your car responds well in an emergency situation. Taking defensive driving courses or refresher courses can further prepare you for road emergencies.

2) Do all you can to prevent the accident. Avoid over steering, but look for ways to minimize or prevent an accident. If you have room, try swerving quickly but firmly away from the possible collision. Think quickly and try to stay calm.

3) If you cannot prevent a direct collision with a truck, keep your body upright, and brace your body for impact. Grip your steering wheel firmly at the 10 and 2 o’clock positions. Keeping your body upright rather than flailing in panic or going limp can help protect your organs and can prevent a spinal cord injury.

4) If you cannot prevent a collision with a truck that will send your vehicle under the truck’s wheels, brace for impact as for a collision, but do everything possible to prevent a brain injury and head injury. Sit as low in your seat as possible and curl up in your seat, with your head as low as possible, cover and shielding your head with your arms and hands.

5) Try maintain emotional control. A truck accident is terrifying, but do your best to remain calm. Losing control can allow you to make mistakes that could lead to a fatality. Continue to try avoiding a collision until the last possible moment and then do all you can to survive the collision. Talk yourself through the collision and breathe slowly and evenly to maintain your sense of calm.