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Could Politeness and Attitudes Contribute to Florida Truck Accidents?

A number of surveys have pegged Miami drivers as the most aggressive in the US. Drivers who share the road with Miami drivers report horn blasts, speeding, tailgating, frequent lane changes, verbal abuse, and other aggressive driving behaviors. Aggressive driving can easily lead to Florida pedestrian accidents and other traffic accidents, since aggressive drivers are often too angry to carefully watch the road and maneuver safely.

Aggressive driving can show itself in seemingly innocuous behaviors which can result in Florida truck accidents and car accidents. For example, drivers who throw trash out their windows can easily cause accidents. If a truck driver tosses a newspaper or other object out of their truck, the trash can easily adhere to another driver’s windshield, causing reduced visibility. Drivers may swerve to avoid trash being tossed from other trucks and cars, and swerving in traffic can easily lead to a nasty accident. Trash thrown from cars and trucks can also easily ricochet off cars and trucks, causing damage to other vehicles. It is not just a rude, aggressive act: it is also an act which can lead to Florida traffic accidents.

Truck drivers who do not carefully secure their loads can also cause an accident. Drivers who drive in uncovered pickup trucks, for example, need to ensure that their loads are correctly secured so that nothing flies out of the bed of the truck, hitting other trucks or creating obstructions on the roads. Commercial trucks often haul hazardous materials or sharp, industrial materials. When these spill on the roadways, they can easily cause a Florida truck accident or car accident.

Even parking in the wrong spot can lead to an accident. Handicapped parking spots, loading zones, and fire lanes are in place for a reason. It is considered polite to leave these vehicles for authorized vehicles, but it is also a safety issue. Parking in a handicapped parking spot can cause someone with limited mobility to walk further, posing a risk of them being in a Florida pedestrian accident. Parking in a loading zone can cause a Florida trucking accident if a delivery truck needs to park somewhere else to make a delivery. Parking in emergency lanes can cost someone their life if emergency crews cannot get to an accident scene quickly enough.

Being polite and having a non-aggressive attitude are important to help prevent Florida truck accidents and car accidents. Many of us see aggressive driving and rude behavior by other drivers as simply an annoyance. However, these seemingly small acts can and do add up to serious accidents each year. Be a courteous driver; you may just save a life.

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