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Would Florida Trailer Laws Help Prevent Some Florida Truck Accidents?

This past month in Panama City, Florida, a young jogger was struck by a tire which flew of a truck trailer. The driver of the truck was not aware of the accident and continued on his way while the jogger was rushed to hospital. The driver of the truck was eventually found and questioned about the Florida pedestrian accident. His trailer was inspected by police and no charges are expected to be laid in this case. The jogger is expected to recover fully.

This is not the first such Florida truck accident involving a trailer in the same area. In 2003, a driver crossing Hathaway Bridge lost control when the trailer the driver was pulling came loose. In that incident, the boat trailer caused a Florida motorcycle accident when a motorcycle and van collided to avoid the trailer. Florida police note that such incidents involving truck trailers are in fact common throughout Florida.

Some critics claim that more regulations and legislations are needed to ensure that truck drivers secure trailers correctly. Currently, the only law governing trailers in Florida is a law which requires working brake lights for all trailers. Some critics believe that additional laws could help prevent some accidents.

Among the laws that might help prevent truck trailer accidents:

1) A requirement which would require all trailers to be inspected and registered just like a car.

2) A law requiring additional safety equipment for all trailers.

3) A law requiring all drivers who have trailers to get additional training about loading and securing their trailers.

Currently, no such laws are before the courts. Police still say that there are many things that truck drivers can do to help prevent truck accidents involving trailers. Police recommend that drivers inspect trailers for lights, hitch, and wheels each time they drive to ensure that everything is in good working order.

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