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Could New Software Help Prevent Florida Truck Accidents Caused by Distracted Driving?

While Florida has not banned texting and driving yet, the awareness about distracted driving is growing. Both anecdotal evidence and numerous research studies have shown it: texting or talking on the phone while driving can easily lead to Florida pedestrian accidents, truck accidents, and other traffic accidents. Using a mobile device while driving removes the driver’s eyes from the roads for dangerous periods of time, paving the way for an accident. While legislators continue to try to pass Florida laws that would ban texting while driving, some companies are coming up with innovative ways to halt distracted driving.

Florida company PhoneGuard has created new software which may help prevent Florida car accidents and truck accidents caused by distracted driving. The software, Drive Safe, makes it impossible for drivers to use PDAs, cell phones, and smartphones to text while driving. The software disables texting, keyboard functions, and emailing on mobile devices in any vehicles traveling over 16 kilometers per hour.

According to PhoneGuard, the software is especially useful for employers and parents who want to ban texting while driving for a specific person. For example, trucking companies can use the software to ensure that no drivers text and drive while on the job. As PhoneGuard notes, the software takes away the job of enforcing texting bans. Indeed, enforcement has been a key problem with text bans. While many workplaces and states already ban texting and driving, most admit that it is difficult to stop or notice such behaviors unless they lead to an accident.

The Drive Safe Software uses GPS to track the coordinates and the speed of a vehicle. When a driver starts traveling over 16KPH, the software automatically turns off texting options on phones. If the driver speeds, the software can even alert employees via text message. This feature may be especially handy for the trucking industry, which has had a problem with excessive driver speeds causing Florida trucking accidents. Another feature of the software is a “time out” feature which would allow employers to prevent employees from texting during specific times – such as work hours, for example. The software is tamper-proof, according to the company.

According to the US Department of Transportation and the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), almost 5000 car accidents in 2009 were linked to distracted driving caused by mobile device use. For this reason, texting as a distraction while driving has caused a great deal of concern. Even experienced truck drivers are far more likely to cause a Florida truck accident while texting and driving, simply because their eyes are not on the road.

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