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Avoid Being in a Florida Truck Accident

More than 500 000 truck accidents occur on US roads and highways annually. Like all states, Florida sees its fair share of car accidents caused by trucks. To avoid becoming a statistic, make sure that you follow these best practices for road safety when sharing the road with trucks:

1) Avoid trucks’ blind spots. All trucks have significant blind spots, but this is especially true for big rigs and tractor trailers. A good rule of thumb is that the truck driver cannot see you unless you can see the driver in their side view mirror. If you can’t see the driver, speed up or slow down until you have a safe distance from the truck.

2) Give trucks plenty of extra room. Many Florida car accidents involving trucks are caused by passenger vehicles following trucks too closely. Trucks take much longer to stop than passenger vehicles, so most experts recommend that passenger vehicles stay a minimum of 20 car lengths behind large tractor-trailer trucks. Giving yourself extra room allows you to see around the truck, allows the truck driver to see you, and gives you both plenty of room and time to react in case of an emergency.

3) Pass trucks carefully. Once you have passed a truck, don’t move back into the lane until you can see the truck’s headlights in your rearview mirror. If you cut in too quickly, you may not be giving the driver enough time to stop in an emergency.

4) Be aware of trucks around you. Obviously, Florida drunk driving accidents are a major cause of fatalities and serious injuries. However, anything that distracts you can be a potential hazard on the road, all the more so when there are large trucks around you. When you see a truck, be extra vigilant. If the truck is weaving or at an unusually, get out of the way. Being aware of trucks around you also ensures that you don’t brake suddenly or otherwise act in a manner that is dangerous.

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