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Why It’s Not Enough to Focus on Commercial Trucks When Trying to Prevent Florida Truck Accidents

When most news programs report on truck accidents, they report on commercial trucking accidents. It is true that commercial trucking accidents are often very serious or fatal due to the large size of the vehicles. As well, commercial trucking accidents usually are legally very complex, since there are usually a few liable parties.

However, there are other types of Florida trucking accidents which receive less attention but which can still cause fatalities and serious injuries. For example, much less is written about rental truck accidents, although this is a topic that deserves serious attention. Many companies rent trucks – even large trucks – to customers without truck driving licenses. In many cases, these trucks are rented to individuals who are moving. Lately, even building supply stores have been offering short-term truck rentals to customers who want to get building supplies home.

Unfortunately, truck rentals pose quite a few problems. In most cases, drivers who have driven nothing but passenger vehicles are allowed to drive these trucks – some of which can be quite large and unwieldy – with no training, instruction, or help. While rentals no doubt save customers money, many experts do not think they are safe. Due to the fact that customers renting these large trucks do not have experience with larger vehicles, it can mean that even good drivers with no record of Florida car accidents can easily get into a collision with these trucks.

The safety record and maintenance of these trucks has also been an issue. Several investigative journalists have looked into the safety records of trucks offered for rent in this manner and have found all sorts of troubling problems. Some investigative journalists have discovered aging fleets while others have found that trucks cannot pass a mechanic’s inspection. Lawsuits and claims that these companies know about mechanical problems just add to the issue.

Another common problem is the prevalence of light trucks and the role they play in accidents. More drivers and car buyers are selecting light trucks when buying a vehicle. In fact, in some cases, buyers say that the perceived safety advantages of these trucks influence their buying decisions. However, light trucks still can and do mean Florida truck accidents. These trucks can mean more blind spots when compared with passenger vehicles. Some light trucks also have high rollover rates and other known problems, all of which can contribute to Florida truck accidents.

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