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Florida Truck Accidents are not the Only Problem – Trucks Can Cause Dangerous Road Conditions

There is no doubt that Florida truck accidents cause serious injuries. However, trucks can also cause other problems which can lead to Florida car accidents, fatalities, and serious injuries:

1) Trucks produce debris on the road. Trucks carry cargo, and sometimes that cargo simply isn’t secured enough and comes loose. This can cause debris to spill all over the road, which can be dangerous for other drivers. Truck accidents can also produced debris which can cause tire damage as well as secondary accidents.

2) Trucks can cause visibility problems. If you’ve ever been trapped behind a truck in a traffic jam, you know how difficult it is to see around these large vehicles on the road. Groups of trucks can block your visibility and can make it harder for you to anticipate potential hazards and problems ahead, which can make it more difficult to drive defensively.

3) Trucks can cause road damage. A fully loaded commercial truck weighs tens of thousands of pounds. The heaviness on the roads is known to cause damage to the asphalt surface, causing potholes, cracks, and other problems which can affect your ability to drive smoothly and safely.

Trucks are an important part of the economy, allowing us to enjoy products from all over the world and allowing us to ship Florida-made goods all across the continent. However, allowing trucks on the roads does come with certain drawbacks. The number of Florida car accidents involving trucks shows this. While we need to share the road with trucks, however, we can do our best to ensure that as few accidents occur as possible.

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