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Distracted Truck Driving Leads to Accidents in Florida

In the last few years, there has been more awareness about the dangers of distracted driving. In fact, new regulations have been passed over the past three years which make it illegal for commercial truck drivers and government employees on the job to text and drive. As well, victims who are injured in a Florida truck accident caused by a distracted driver can usually pursue the driver in court for negligence.

Despite this, however, distracted driving continues to cause Florida car accidents and truck accidents everywhere. These accidents continue to claim lives and cause hundreds of thousands of injuries each year. Part of the problem is that while steps are being taken to address texting and driving, the larger role of distracted driving is not being addressed.

The reality is that distracted driving is not just about texting. Distracted driving can occur every time that a truck driver removes his or her focus or eyes from the road. Distracted driving can happen when a truck driver is changing a CD, talking on a cell phone (even on a hands-free device), eating or drinking while driving, looking at a map, searching for something in the cab, and otherwise doing anything else but focusing completely on the road.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to legislate the long list of possible distractions available for truck drivers on the road. It is also impossible to enforce rules requiring truck drivers to remain focused on the road at all times. In fact, the very nature of the job makes long-term concentration difficult. Drivers spend all day, day after day, on the road, driving. Mainlining 100% concentration on the road during long stretches of time is very difficult.

Some industry experts have recommended that stricter rules be put in place against truck drivers who have accidents or “near misses” while distracted. They argue that once a truck driver has shown that he or she is prone to distracted driving, he or she should be taken off the road. Others argue for better education campaigns to teach all drivers about the dangers of distracted driving. Some industry experts also recommend adding devices into the cab of trucks – devices such as cameras – which would help investigators and carriers evaluate truck drivers’ levels of performance and distraction.

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