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Florida Truck Accident Investigations

After a Florida truck accident or car accident causing an injury or fatality, investigations are usually launched to find out what happened to cause the collision. Florida car accidents involving trucks may in fact be subject to several types of accidents:

1) A police investigation. An official investigation by police will usually be launched in any case where it appears that a law was broken. Suspected cases of Florida drunk driving, suspected cases of insurance fraud, suspected cases of vehicular manslaughter, and other suspected crimes will be carefully investigated by detectives. In many cases, if you are in an accident and decide to pursue legal action you can get a copy of this police investigation or report.

2) A private investigation. If you decide to hire a personal injury attorney after your Florida truck accident, your attorney may decide to launch a private investigation. The attorney will typically work with private investigators or accident reconstruction professionals to find evidence to support your legal action and to find any liable parties in the case.

3) An insurance investigation. In many cases, insurance carriers launch their own investigations, also using private investigators. The aim of insurance companies is to find out whether anyone other than their client was liable. Therefore, if you are in a car accident with a truck, the truck’s insurance carrier will typically try to find evidence to protect the truck carrier and truck driver. This is one reason why it is important to hire a Florida personal injury attorney to protect your interests.

4) An industry investigation. In cases where a truck driver may have committed a crime and may be subject to disciplinary action, the truck carrier or truck driver union may launch their own investigation. This sort of investigation may also be initiated in any serious accident which may result in serious legal action for the truck driver or carrier. Again, these investigations are not deigned to protect you or your rights, which is why it is important to have your own Florida attorney conducting a separate investigation.

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