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How to Spot a Truck Driver Who May Cause a Drunk Driving Accident

The only way to tell for sure whether a truck driver is driving under the influence is to let a police office administer a sobriety test or a blood alcohol test. However, according to the Florida chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), there are a number of signs that a truck driver is drunk and may cause a Florida drunk driving accident:

1) Rapidly changes speed, generally changing speed quickly and without reason
2) Follows too closely or tailgates other vehicles
3) Weaves across lanes of traffic or across the roadway
4) Near-misses, such as almost colliding with an object or another vehicle
5) Erratic stopping and starting
6) Does not drive on the road
7) Uses signals incorrectly or makes other basic driving errors.
8) Swerves
9) Does not use headlights at night
10) Drives very slowly (more than 10 mph under the posed speed limit)
11) Responds slowly to traffic conditions or traffic signals
12) Turn illegally or too sharply
13) Drives on the wrong side of the road
If you see a truck driver exhibiting any of these signs, gain a safe distance and call the authorities. You could help prevent a truck accident. Even if the driver is not under the influence, the behaviors listed above are dangerous and could cause a collision. It is helpful to authorities if you can provide details about the truck – such as the license plate number – but never put yourself in danger to get this information.

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