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Renting a Moving Truck? Here’s What You Need to Know About Florida Truck Accidents

Many rental agencies rent out large trucks for do-it-yourself moves. If you are trying to save money, this can seem like a great alternative to the costs of hiring professional movers. However, this sort of move can also lead to a Florida truck accident. To stay safe, follow these tips:

1) Get the moving van inspected and get some training. Many moving truck rental have poor reputations for failing to maintain their fleets. You can read about company safety records online, but it is a good idea to get the truck inspected before you pack it, just in case. You may also want to get at least an hour or two of training with an instructor to get familiar with the truck. Many driving training schools can offer you two hours of training for less than $50, which will not add to moving costs substantially.

2) Keep a log of your hours on the road and your rests. If you are renting a very large moving truck, you may be required to maintain a log of time traveled, distance traveled, and any rest stops taken. If you are required to keep such records, keep them carefully; you could face serious legal problems if you fail to keep these records.

3) Get the right truck for your weight of cargo – and stop at weight stations as needed. Overloading a truck because you don’t want to go into the next larger truck size can mean that your moving truck is more prone to rollovers, tire blowouts and even brake problems. Most truck rental companies will help you estimate how much truck you need. If you need a very large truck, make sure that you stop at weight stations, as you are required to do by law.

4) Secure your cargo carefully. Pack your belongings carefully any use plenty of tie-downs to keep them secure in the truck. If your cargo moves or shifts as you drive, you will have a harder time controlling the truck and you will increase your chances of being in a Florida car accident.

5) Consider alternatives. If you need to move many items and will require a very large truck, think twice. Very large trucks are hard to maneuver and are not really intended to be driven by passenger car drivers with no truck driving experience. There are many low-cost alternatives. For example, you can rent the low-cost truck yourself and hire a professional driver to drive it for you. You can also combine moving costs with another family headed for the same destination. Another option is to take advantage of one of the DIY packing companies. The company will drop off a large freight container at your home, which you can pack at your leisure. A professional truck driver will then drive the container to your destination.

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