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Brain Injuries and Truck Accidents

Many Florida brain injury patients sustain their injury in truck accidents and traffic accidents on Florida roads. Unfortunately, Florida truck accidents are more likely than other types of traffic accidents to lead to fatal and permanent brain injuries. The force of a large truck can effectively crush a passenger vehicle and the occupants inside, leading to devastating losses. Common brain injuries in Florida truck accidents include:

1) Whiplash. Whiplash can occur when the head and neck area is injured due to sudden, rapid movement. In a truck accident, this can often occur when a car collides with a truck and comes to an abrupt stop. Whiplash is hard to detect in MRIs and other scans, making it difficult to diagnose. Unfortunately, this condition can also leave a patient unable to work and unable to resume everyday activities for months.

2) Traumatic brain injury. Brain injury can also occur when the brain pushes or slams up against the inside of the skull, usually in response to a head injury where the victim’s head collides with a hard surface (such as a dashboard). When this happens, the brain may swell, bruise, or even bleed, potentially leading to brain damage. This type of injury may be permanent or may take years to heal. Some patients are unable to resume their jobs or everyday tasks. In some cases, such injuries are fatal.

3) Puncture injuries. In a truck accident, objects in a car can easily become airborne and can easily become lodged in the skull due to the impact of the crash. When an object punctures the skull, it typically causes widespread trauma which is often fatal. In cases where a patient survives this type of injury, the brain damage caused may be permanent.

If you have sustained a brain injury in a Florida truck accident, it is important to contact a qualified Florida personal injury attorney. Brain injuries are hard to diagnose and difficult to treat. Florida brain injury patients often spend years and in some cases a lifetime trying to recover from their injuries. Good recovery requires considerable resources, as the treatment options for these types of injuries are expensive. A good attorney can help you pursue a settlement or compensation, so that you are able to afford the treatment options you deserve.

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