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Help Your Teen Avoid a Florida Truck Accident

Teen drivers across the state have higher rates of Florida car accidents, and experts believe that this is the case because younger drivers simply have less experience when it comes to dealing with common road hazards and situations. For example, many teen drivers have little experience sharing the road with trucks. To ensure that your teen has the skills to avoid a collision with a truck, make sure that you:

1) Have your teen sign a no-distracted-driving and no-drinking-and-driving agreement. You can find such pledges on the Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) website or you can devise your own. It’s important to really explain to your teen the dangers of drinking and driving or driving distracted, as these behaviors greatly increase the risk of a Florida truck accident.

2) Go over the rules of driving around trucks. Better yet, take your teen out in a car and teach them the basics of allowing extra room behind a truck and the basics of passing a truck safely. Do not just assume that your teen was taught about sharing the road with trucks in driver’s education. Your teen may not have absorbed that information enough to apply it easily.

3) Pay for extra training for your teen or ask your teen to get extra training before giving your new driver car privileges. Most teen driver programs cover a lot of ground and some include minimal in-car instruction. Extra defensive training or extra in-car lessons with a qualified instructor can be very helpful in giving your teen some extra skills and experience.

4) Limit the behaviors that can cause your teen driver to get into a car accident. When you allow your teen to drive, consider placing a limit on the number of passengers your teen can have in the car while driving. As well, if you live in a small community, consider limiting your teen to non-highway roads for a few weeks or a few months. Once your teen gains confidence and experience on smaller and less busy roads, you can then permit your teen to share the road with trucks.

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