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Preventing Miami Truck Accidents With Design

A blogger writing for TransitMiami, has recently written about the large number of accidents along Biscayne Boulevard. These accidents often reportedly include high speeds and in recent months have resulted in damage to light poles and storefronts. According to the blogger, some of the problem stems from design and suggests some of the ways that Miami truck accidents and car accidents along this road could be prevented:

1) Changing the design speed of the road. The design speed of Biscayne Boulevard in Upper East Side (where many of the accidents have been taking place) is 45 mph, and the posted speed limit is 35 mph. The TransitMiami blog suggests a design speed of 35 mph.

2) Re-striping scenario in order to bring back parallel parking to the street. The MiMo Business Improvement Committee (BIC) has made this suggestion to District 6 Secretary for the Florida Department of Transportation. Creating parallel parking in the area would encourage cars and trucks to slow down, BIC believes, and would also provide a layer of protection for pedestrians, helping to prevent Miami pedestrian accidents in the area.

3) Adding traffic calming design features. According to the City of Miami’s Comprehensive Neighborhood Plan (MCNP), such devices can include wide sidewalks, different lane widths, medians, landscaping, roundabouts, lighting; and signage. All of these features make the area more like a neighborhood and less like a highway, encouraging motorists to slow down.

4) Enforcement. While improved design can help reduce the speed and therefore the number of accidents, enforcement is still an important part of the equation, ensuring that motorists obey the rules of the road. An enforcement campaign targeting the area specifically could help prevent accidents along the street.

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