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Truck Proposals Could Change Rates of Florida Truck Accidents

Federal lawmakers are considering transportation bills which would, over the next few years, change a number of things about the trucking industry. Some experts are concerned about a proposal in the bills which would allow higher weight limits and which would permit trucks on more roads across the country. Some experts are concerned that such changes could affect the rates of Florida car accidents and truck accidents on the road.

The bills would increase truck weight limits from 80 000 pounds to 97 000 pounds for single-trailer commercial trucks on state highways and interstate roadways. Trucks with two or three trailers would be permitted up to 100 000 pounds. As well, trucks with two or three trailers will be allowed the entire national highway system rather than on interstate roads.

According to the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman, the bills could be put to a vote before committee by July 12. The suggested legislation would also place a tax on trucks over the weight limit. This money would be placed in a fund and distributed to states to assist with road repairs and bridge work.

There are many concerns about the proposed changes. Many legislators, for example, have pointed out that cars are currently getting smaller as more consumers look for fuel economy in their passenger cars. Combining smaller cars with larger trucks could create even more devastating Florida car accidents involving cars, whereby smaller cars would have no chance against very large commercial trucks. There is also concern that the larger trucks would have very large blind spots and would not be able to safely share the roads with motorcycles, bicyclists and others who use the road system.

There is also a concern that the larger trucks could create problems on residential streets. While the proposed legislation allows very large trucks only on the national highway system, when a section of the system is closed due to an accident or another cause, traffic is often rerouted through residential areas. There is a concern that 100 000 pound trucks would be on residential streets in such cases, posing the risk of Florida pedestrian accidents and other types of traffic accidents.

Other experts have noted that much larger trucks could create load problems and could make the roadways deteriorate faster, due to the weight and force of the larger vehicles. Those in the trucking industry have noted that improved technology in the trucking industry would potentially help offset some of these problems. The Transportation and Infrastructure Committee also notes that allowing the proposed changes would allow businesses to be more competitive and efficient, which would beneficial to the economy.

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