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Two Recent Florida Truck Accidents Show the Dangers of Driving

Two recent truck accidents in Florida have made headlines and have highlighted some of the risks on Florida roads. In one incident, well-known professional wrestler Randy “Macho Man” Savage suffered a heart problem while driving his Jeep truck. His heart was on the accelerator when he lost consciousness due to ventricular fibrillation (VF) and lost control of his vehicle. His wife, who was a passenger in the car with him, steered the car away from the traffic and into a tree. Many experts believe that her actions helped prevent a more serious Florida car accident. Sadly, Randy “Macho Man” Savage passed away as a result of VF.

In the second incident, a 29-year old man in Florida caused a 5-car accident and $44,000 in damages when he dropped his cell phone in his car and bent down to pick it up. Since his eyes were not on the road, he did not notice when the cars in front of him stopped and he plowed his truck into four cars and then crossed lines of traffic before ending in a ditch. He was charged with careless driving.

That incident highlights the dangers of distracted driving – and shows that not all distracted driving is caused by texting while driving. Any activity that takes your eyes off the road is dangerous and can lead to charges filed against you. Even taking your eyes off the road for a few seconds can mean that you don’t have time to react to a stopped car or a pedestrian and can cause you to be in a Florida car accident.

Both accidents also show how quickly Florida truck accidents can happen. A sudden medical emergency or a moment’s distraction cause thousands of Florida car accidents and truck accidents each year and each such accident can result in fatal injuries that can change families in tragic ways. While there may be no way to predict a medical emergency, there are ways to help prevent Florida truck accidents and car accidents.

For example, drivers can place possessions – including cell phones – safely in the glove compartment or the trunk. In the event of a collision, this prevents these objects from becoming airborne. Each year, victims in car accidents are seriously injured by flying objects inside a car, so the fewer items you have loose in your car the less likely you are to be injured and the less likely you are to be distracted. Turning off your mobile devices and putting them away entirely is also an important safety precaution. The temptation to just take a quick peek at your messages can be strong – and that one quick peek can result in a tragic accident.

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