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Child Victims of Florida Truck Accidents

When trucks collide with passenger vehicles, everyone in the passenger vehicle is immediately at high risk of serious injury. In cases where children are in the passenger vehicle, the outcome can be even worse for them. Since trucks are so much larger than cars, the force of the impact is likely to leave passenger car victims with severe injuries. Since children are smaller, their injuries can easily become life-threatening.

As well, while car manufacturers create a number of safety systems for adult drivers and passengers – including safety belts and air bags – these same systems often cannot protect young children. Indeed, for very young children, air bags can pose a danger of head injuries while seat belts can lead to lacerations. Parents are expected to provide safety seats and age-appropriate child safety restraints for their children.

However, laws in Florida re quite lax when it comes to booster seats for children. In fact, only Arizona, Florida, and South Dakota do not have any booster seat requirements for young passengers, even though booster seats and other age-appropriate child safety restraints have been shown to decrease the risk of fatalities and injuries in young passengers in the event of a truck accident or car accident. While parents can – and often do – choose to get age-appropriate child safety restraints for their children, they are not required by law, in many cases, to do so.

Adults in Florida truck accidents often suffer from spinal cord injuries, broken bones, brain injuries, and other serious injuries. Each year, many adults die in truck accidents and traffic accidents. However, there are many things that can be done to help prevent child fatalities in such accidents. One of the most important things drivers can do is to ensure that all child passengers always use an age-appropriate child safety restraint.

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