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Are Your Teens Moving to College Safely to Avoid a Florida Truck Accident?

If you have teens moving to college, your teens may wish to hire a rental truck with friends or may be planning on packing their belongings into a car in order to get their belongings safely to their dorm room. However, Florida moving truck accidents do happen, so you want to make sure that you avoid this type of thing from happening to your children. Here’s how you can help:

1) Discourage your child from overloading their car with their possessions. Many teens move to college by stuffing as many of their possessions as they can into a car. While it’s true that most teens don’t have tons of possessions and furniture, overloading a car can still be dangerous. It can obstruct visibility and make it hard for them to see through their rearview mirror or through their side windows. Placing additional pressure on tires can also lead to a tire blow or Florida car accident. If your child is moving with lots of possessions, consider a truck or travel in multiple cars.

2) Discourage your child from renting a truck and driving it themselves across the country or across the state. Rental trucks have varied safety records, and your child may simply not have enough experience with a large truck to drive safely. If your child needs a larger truck, consider hiring professional movers, or urge your child to pool resources in order to move with other college students this fall. Hiring professional movers as part of a group can cost just as little as renting a truck and driving it themselves.

3) Consider driving your child to college yourself. If you have a pickup truck or a larger van, you may be able to fit most of the possessions into this vehicle. If both you and your child have a vehicle, you can distribute your child’s possessions between two cars and get to the college safely.

4) Help your child make a good moving choices. Help your teen pack and label possessions correctly, and explore all the options for moving together. There are many low-cost options for moving to college. For example, classified ads often have offers from college students moving at this time of year or looking for someone to share a truck with. This can be a relatively safe way to get your child’s possessions to college at a low cost and with less risk.

If your teen does not have extensive experience with driving a truck, it can be dangerous to let your child rent a large truck in order to move their possessions into a dorm room. Similarly, it is very dangerous to overload a passenger car with possessions. Help your teen make the right decisions, to ensure that your child is not a victim of a Florida car accident or truck accident.

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