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Truck Rollover Accidents in Florida

Excessive cornering speed, tripping, collisions, and critical slopes can all contribute to rollover accidents. SUV rollovers and van rollovers are very common, but big rigs and tractor trailers are also at substantial risk for rollover accidents. Large commercial trucks are especially vulnerable to rollover accidents for number reasons:

1) Truck drivers cover many miles of road in their trucks. Since truck drivers are on the road more often, they’re naturally a more at risk for Florida car accidents and truck accidents than drivers who drive less frequently. The sheer amount of time spent on the road increases the likelihood that a rollover or other type of Florida truck accident will happen.

2) Trucks are top-heavy. Commercial trucks are designed to carry enormous amounts of cargo, and are often very tall in order to accommodate cargo. Even with a wide wheel track and large wheels, this tends to make trucks very top-heavy and therefore more likely to rollover.

3) Trucks carry heavy, sometimes-unstable loads. A fully loaded truck can weigh many tens of thousands of pounds, and this puts additional pressure and weight at the top of the vehicle, which makes trucks even more top-heavy. As well, cargo may be incorrectly secured, making it shift and making a rollover more likely. In situations where a load is incorrectly secured, there may be multiple liable parties in the event of a truck accident. In some cases, such as when transporting live animals, securing a load so that it does not shift is almost impossible, and increases the risk of a rollover.

4) Truck drivers are under pressure to make deadlines. Truck drivers often need to make certain runs within a certain time limit in order to get their cargo to a destination on time. The additional pressure can encourage drivers to speed, and speeding is a leading cause of rollovers.

5) Tire problems. Trucks, due to their size and weight, place a great deal of pressure on their tires, and this causes to wear down and malfunction more frequently, especially if tires are not maintained correctly or if a truck is carrying too much weight. When Florida tire blowouts or tire problems take place, it is possible for rollovers to occur.

Truck rollover accidents are usually deadly. A truck that has rolled over can obstruct traffic and even cause secondary Florida car accidents. A truck that has rolled over can also easily ignite, especially if the truck is carrying flammable materials. If a truck rolls over into oncoming traffic or into other lanes, other cars are likely to be crushed or severely damaged due to the sheer size of the vehicle. Even though truck drivers are shielded in the cab of the truck, the force and impact of a rollover can lead to serious injuries for a truck driver. Spinal cord injuries and brain injuries are just two of the serious injuries which can occur with a truck rollover accident.

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