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Do you Exercise Outdoors in Miami? Here is How to Stay Safe

Miami is filled with green spaces, trails, beaches, and many other outdoor areas that are perfect for recreation. There many joggers and bicyclists in Miami who choose to exercise outdoors. If you are one of them, keep in mind that you need to stay safe. While Miami has lots of pedestrians, it also has a higher than normal level of truck traffic. Since Miami is a port city and a major commercial area, thousands of trucks pour into the city every day. This increases the risk of Miami pedestrian accidents and serious accidents for those who choose to exercise outdoors. In order to stay safe, make sure that you:

1) Avoid exercising or jogging alone. Whether you are taking a bicycle ride or jogging, consider taking friends with you. Friends not only make exercising more fun, but they can also ensure that you are less of a target. If you are in a Miami truck accident or pedestrian accident while jogging or bicycling, your friends can also help you call for emergency medical personnel. If you cannot find friends to work out with, at least have a planned route, a cell phone, and let someone know where and when you will be exercising.

2) Choose your exercise routes carefully. Avoid exercising outside at the same time and location every day. As well, select safe, well lit areas for jogging and bicycling.

3) Make sure that truck drivers and motorists can see you easily. If you are jogging, wear reflective clothing. If you are on a bicycle, make sure that your bicycle has reflective tape and working lights. The more visible you are to drivers, the less likely you are to be in a Miami pedestrian accident. Visibility does not guarantee that you won’t be in an accident, but it does reduce your risk.

4) Carry a cell phone with you. Make sure that your cell phone is turned off, as distracted jogging or bicycling makes you more prone to a Miami bicycle accident or pedestrian accident. However, if you are in an accident, a cell phone can help you call for help quickly.

5) Carry your personal identification, including emergency contact numbers and any allergies you have or medications you are taking, with you when you are exercising. If you are severely injured, this information can help paramedics save your life.

6) Consider jogging or bicycling in areas that do not have truck or car traffic. Miami has a number of parks and beaches where vehicles are not allowed. These can be safer areas for walking, jogging, and bicycling, especially if you stay on them during daylight hours.

7) Avoid bicycling or walking distracted. Avoid listening to music, texting, or otherwise distracting yourself while you work out. Staying alert allows you to notice what is going on around you, and allows you to notice traffic as well as any warning signs that can help you prevent an accident.

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