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How Miami Drivers Can Stay Safe When Sharing the Road with Large Trucks

Miami drivers share the roads with bicyclists, motorcyclists, pedestrians, and all sorts of vehicles – including large commercial trucks. Commercial trucks can weigh 80 000 pounds when fully loads and most passenger vehicles do not stand a chance against a vehicle of that size. Each year, Miami car accidents involving trucks cause fatalities as well as serious injuries. Do not become part of that statistic. Learn how to drive safe around trucks:

1) Avoid a truck’s blind spots. Truck drivers can only see so much around the vehicle, so if you are following immediately behind a truck or are driving along the side of a truck, the truck driver cannot see you. In fact, any time that you cannot see the truck driver in the driver’s mirrors, he or she cannot see you. This means that he can swipe your vehicle or back up into you if you are driving too close.

2) Give a truck extra space when traveling behind a truck. Again, a truck driver cannot see you if you are directly behind the truck. Leaving an extra space ensures that the truck can see you. As well, if the truck has to stop suddenly – and many delivery trucks and other commercial trucks make frequent stops – you will have enough time to stop. If the truck needs to back up suddenly, that extra space can ensure that your vehicle is not hit.

3) If a truck is following too close behind you, get out of the way. When you can move over so that they can pass. Trucks take much longer to stop than passenger vehicles, so a truck tailgating you is a significant problem. If the truck driver needs to stop suddenly, he or she will rear end you if there is not enough room between vehicles.

4) Make lane changes carefully when sharing the road with trucks. Changing lanes rapidly is a risk, because trucks do not respond as quickly as passenger vehicles. When sharing the road with trucks, leave lots of space, use your signal lights well ahead of time, and avoid making sudden moves.

5) Do not engage an aggressive truck driver. While most truck drivers have extensive training and do their best to drive safely, any aggressive truck drivers can be an especial menace. You do not have a chance against an 80 000 pound commercial truck. If you see a truck driver behaving or driving erratically or dangerously, get out of the way and to safety. Then call authorities.

Unfortunately, even if you share the road safely, negligence or recklessness on the part of other drivers or on the part of truck drivers can make the road unsafe for you. If you are injured in a Miami truck accident, get immediate medical help and then call a qualified Miami personal injury attorney. The medical and financial outcomes of a truck accident can be devastating, and you deserve legal advice as well as support as you pursue a fair outcome.

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