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Pick-up Truck Accidents in Homestead

Many motorists in Homestead, Florida decide to purchase pickup trucks for convenience, business, or just because trucks can be fun. Pickup trucks are not subject to the same restrictions as commercial big rigs and tractor-trailers. However, they can still be quite dangerous for number of reasons:

1) Passengers. Many pickup trucks do not have extensive room for passengers, so that people are often tempted to ride in the bed of the pickup truck. Under Florida law, minors are not allowed to ride in the back of the pickup truck without age appropriate safety restraints. Those over 18 are allowed to ride in the bed of a pickup truck, but should be aware that there are additional risks to driving this way. If the truck driver has to brake suddenly, anyone who is in the pickup truck bed without proper safety belt belts will likely be thrown forward violently. This can easily lead to serious back injuries, head injuries, and even broken bones.

2) Load problems. Many people choose to get pickup trucks in order to carry materials, furniture, and other large items. While this is certainly an advantage of pickup trucks, it can also be a hazard. If you’re going to be transporting anything in your pickup truck, it is your responsibility to ensure that the load is correctly secured and is not placing too much of a strain on your tires. If you overload your pickup truck, you could experience a tire blowout, brake malfunction, or other serious problem that can lead to a Homestead truck accident. You also need to ensure that your load is correctly secured so that it does not fly out into lanes of traffic, causing a danger for other drivers.

3) Blind spots. Trucks do have more blind spots than the average passenger vehicle. Truck drivers who drive this type of vehicle need to be aware of the blind spots and need to check them carefully before backing up, turning, or changing lanes. Unfortunately, many Homestead car accidents occur simply because drivers do not take the time to check their blind spots.

4) Driving issues. Pickup trucks handle differently than passenger cars and may take longer to break as well. New drivers, especially, need to give themselves time to get used to the larger vehicle.

Being in a Homestead traffic accident is devastating, and in many cases you can avoid an accident with some precautions. Being aware of the dangers of pickup trucks at taking steps to minimize the risks can ensure that you can enjoy your truck while staying safe.

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