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Preventing a Miami Truck Accident During the Holidays

There are many more Miami trucks out during the holidays than during most times of the year, as demand for deliveries and merchandise increases at this time of year. Unfortunately, it can mean that there are more Miami car accidents involving trucks at this time of year. If you wish to prevent Miami truck accidents and traffic accidents, there are a few things you can do:

1) Avoid distracted driving. Driving distracted is dangerous at any time of the year, but it can be especially dangerous during the holiday season, when there is more traffic on the roads and a greater risk of Miami traffic accidents. At this time of year, it is even more important to put your mobile devices away and give 100% of your attention to the roads and to driving.

2) Give yourself plenty of time. With the holiday rush upon us, it is common to feel somewhat harried and pressured to get plenty of errands done. However, rushing can make it more likely that you will make driving mistakes that could lead to a Miami traffic accident or truck accident. Rushing can also make it more likely that you will drive aggressively or tailgate in order to get to your destination on time. A better solution is to reduce the number of commitments where you can during this time of year and give yourself extra time to savor the holidays.

3) Give trucks extra room. There are more trucks on the road at this time of year and with more trucks and more rushing on the roadways, you will want to give commercial trucks plenty of room. Remember: if you cannot see the truck driver in the driver’s mirrors, you are too close and the truck driver cannot see you. As well, be sure to leave extra room in cases where a delivery truck may be stopping and starting often in order to drop off deliveries.

4) Use extra caution in parking lots. Parking lots are dangerous because pedestrians, trucks, and passenger vehicles are all sharing the same space. You need to be especially vigilant about trucks and pedestrians in parking lots. While parking lot accidents are usually low-speed accidents, they can be quite serious.

5) Get plenty of rest and only head out to run errands when you are well enough to do so. The holiday season coincides with the flu season, so it is not unusual to be lacking in sleep and feeling under the weather just when you are feeling pressure to run many holiday-related errands. Feeling groggy and ill, however, can increase your chances of getting into an accident. Put off errands until you feel better and more rested. If you take over the counter medication or any medication to deal with seasonal illness, make certain that the medicine will not make you drowsy or sleepy.

A traffic accident during the holidays is stressful enough – don’t make the situation worse by putting off getting legal advice. If you are injured in a Miami truck accident over the holiday season, do not delay; call the Flaxman Law Group at any time to arrange for a free, no obligation consultation to discuss your case. The Flaxman Law Group will ensure that phone lines continue to be staffed during the holidays so that you can always reach someone.