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Why Miami Truck Accidents Are an Especial Concern During the Holidays

At any time of the year, Miami truck accidents can be devastating. Many Miami brain injury victims, spinal cord injury victims, and other seriously injured victims receive their injuries from Miami traffic accidents. Due to the size and force of commercial trucks, accidents involving these types of vehicles can be especially deadly. A large commercial truck can completely flatten and destroy a passenger vehicle, causing extensive and even fatal injuries to any passengers stuck inside the car. Unfortunately, some experts believe that truck accidents are more common at this time of year for a number of reasons:

1) More trucks are on the road. Holidays are a busy time of year for retailers, and many retailers get more deliveries at this time of year. There are also more deliveries being made to residences at this time of year as companies offer delivery services and as presents are delivered by mail to customers. With more trucks on the road, there is also a correspondingly bigger risk of Miami truck accidents.

2) More temporary drivers are driving trucks. To cope with increased demand, some companies and carriers hire seasonal workers to meet deadlines. Some of these drivers may have less experience with specific routes than drivers who have been doing the same job for months or years.

3) More traffic is present on streets overall. During the holiday season, many more people are out and about to run holiday errands, finish their shopping, and take part in holiday events. In addition to more cars on the road, there are also more trucks on the road as businesses try to capture the profits possible during this time of year.

4) Busy parking lots are a fact of life during the holidays. Parking lots are a major hazard during the holidays, as trucks are trying to make deliveries and as more shopper pour into the malls to take advantage of holiday deals. This can lead to frayed emotions and even road rage, increasing the risk of a parking lot Miami traffic accident.

5) More rushing. As people feel the stress and pressure of the holiday season, they often feel they have to rush into order to accomplish all their tasks. Unfortunately, this can lead to distracted driving as individuals try to multitask. It can also lead to fatigued driving if drivers cannot sleep well due to holiday stress. The holiday rush can also lead to road rage and speeding, which can also contribute to holiday Miami car accidents.

6) More drinking. Unfortunately, some people still choose to get behind the wheel after attending a party where there has been drinking. Each holiday season, police work to crack down on Miami drunk driving accidents, but these accidents still do occur as some people make poor choices.

Knowing the risks of the road during the holidays can help you avoid a holiday Miami traffic accident. Being aware that there are more trucks on the road, giving yourself more time, and trying to give trucks and other cars more space can go a long way towards preventing holiday accidents. If you are injured in a holiday Miami truck accident or car accident, the Flaxman Law Group is here for you. You can contact the legal team at the Flaxman Law Group at any time of the day or night to arrange for a free consultation to discuss your case with an experienced trail attorney.