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Could Cargo Theft Increase the Risk of Davie Truck Accidents and Other Injuries?

According to experts, commercial truck cargo theft is a serious and growing problem. In 2009 alone, thieves stole nearly $500 million worth of commercial truck cargo, representing a 67% jump in thefts when compared with 2008. In many cases, cargo is stolen while truckers step of their vehicle out to eat or rest. According to law enforcement, medical and pharmaceutical cargo as well as electronics are especially targeted by thieves, since these can easily be re-sold. Florida, Texas, and Georgia are considered among the highest-risk states for cargo theft.

Some experts believe that cargo theft may be fueled in part by economic woes. While the thefts are certainly a concern for trucking companies, who lose considerable amounts of money due to the crime, there is some concern that the thefts can also have a negative impact on public safety in a number of ways:

1) Possible injuries to truck drivers who want to protect themselves and their cargo. If truck drivers interrupt a theft in progress or attempt to defend their trucks, there is the possibility that thieves may attack the driver in order to steal the cargo, increasing the risk of injuries to the driver.

2) More focus on cargo safety can detract from truck safety. As truck carriers are forced to focus on cargo theft, they may have fewer resources to put towards truck safety and driver safety overall. In other words, the more carriers are focused on cargo theft, the less they can focus on driver fatigue, driver distraction, and other common causes of Davie car accidents involving trucks.

3) Thieves who steal large amounts of cargo may be driving with unsafe loads, increasing the risk of Davie traffic accidents. If thieves steal entire cargo loads off of trucks, they must then transport the cargo. If they do so in trucks, they may simply not have the skills to securely distribute and secure the load, increasing the risk of a Davie truck accident. In addition, if thieves steal flammable or hazardous cargo, they may cause a fire, toxic spill, or other dangerous situation if they do not know how to transport this type of cargo safely.

4) Thieves escaping from a crime scene may cause an increase in Davie car accidents as they are likely to speed.

5) Re-selling of some cargo goods may cause injuries. One troubling thing about cargo theft is that thieves specifically target pharmaceuticals as a form of profitable product. Unfortunately, when pharmaceuticals and other dangerous cargo are resold on the common market, there is no control over how they are used. Pharmaceuticals, taken for the wrong purposes or in the wrong doses can be extremely hazardous or even fatal. Similarly, hazardous cargoes, including fireworks, flammable materials, and others pose a danger when used incorrectly.

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