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Stopped Trucks Can Still Cause Miami Gardens Truck Accidents

When most drivers think of Miami Gardens car accidents involving a truck, they imagine a truck barreling down a highway and colliding with a car. However, in many cases a Miami Gardens truck accident involves a truck that is parked on the side of the road. These types of accidents can still cause serious injuries and fatalities and they are very preventable.

Most commercial tractor trailers need to make frequent stops, including stops on the shoulder of a roadway or highway. In some cases, it is safer to pull over than to keep driving. If a commercial truck driver is not feeling well, for example, or needs to check directions, it is safer to pull over than to keep going. When a truck malfunctions, the driver may simply have no choice about stopping. In some cases, commercial truck drivers also pull off to the side of the road in order to make a delivery or to rest in areas where no other spaces for resting are provided.

Unfortunately, a large tractor trailer pulled over on the side of the road can be a hazard. A large truck can partially obstruct the outside lane, and any car traveling along that outside lane can collide with the truck and cause a serious Miami Gardens truck accident if the passenger car driver does not notice the truck in time. Along winding roads and in the dark, it can be especially difficult to spot a truck stopped by the side of the road. A number of Miami Gardens personal injury cases have been launched after the devastating impact of just this type of accident.

According to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, when a tractor trailer is stopped on a highway or highway shoulder, the driver is mandated to follow some measures to ensure that oncoming cars are aware of the danger. That is, drivers are expected to use warning devices, such as hazard warring flares, fuses, or other warning devices to ensure that oncoming traffic can see the truck. If a driver fails to take these precautions and a Miami Gardens traffic accident takes place as a result, the driver of the truck may be held liable for not taking the proper precautions and for being illegally parked on the side of the road. In some cases, the truck carrier may also be held partly liable if the driver is not given adequate warning devices for this situation or is not trained in the use of such devices.

In this type of Miami Gardens traffic accident, the results can be devastating, especially if the accident occurs on a highway, where speed limits are higher. A motorist traveling unsuspectingly along a highway may not be able to slow down or swerve in time to avoid a truck that is illegally parked on the side of the road. In many cases, the motorist hits the truck head-on at high speeds. Brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and fatalities are the common outcome of this type of accident, in part due to the high speed involved.

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