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Hazardous Spills After Hollywood Car Accidents

Florida does not keep records about how many trucks carry dangerous cargo, but does keep track of the chemicals and hazardous materials which are permitted on trucks. These include pesticides, explosives, radioactive materials, fertilizers, toxic gases, rocket fuels, and other hazardous products. The federal government has a number of rules in place designed to make the transport of these types of materials safer.

Under federal rules, drivers carrying dangerous materials in their trucks are subject to many rules and such drivers must have special licenses to haul hazardous materials. Drivers are required to post placards on their trucks, indicating the type of materials they are hauling and the hazards they pose. Drivers must also follow certain guidelines to ensure that dangerous cargo is loaded correctly. Drivers must further carry paperwork detailing their cargo. In the event of an accident, this paperwork is meant to help emergency responders assess the danger and order the correct treatment for anyone affected by the accident.

Across the US, there were 2,518 truck accidents involving hazardous cargo in 2010. These resulted in 34 injuries, nine deaths and almost $80 million in damages. That same year, there were 6800 incidents involving hazardous material that occurred specifically when trucks were loaded or unloaded. These types of truck accidents are devastating and can occur in any community, including Hollywood. Trucks are routinely used to transport hazardous materials and chemicals. Any Hollywood car accident involving a truck can involve a truck carrying a dangerous and even unstable substance. If you are in this type of accident, the injuries that you suffer can be especially severe and even life-threatening.

Hollywood truck accidents involving a truck carrying hazardous materials are considered extremely high risk. In many cases, emergency responders cannot get close enough to a truck to determine what type of hazardous material is inside. Federal regulations also do not require trucks carrying less than 119 gallons or 1,000 pounds to have any special signage, so that in some cases there is the risk for a toxic spill but emergency responders have no way of knowing that.

These types of Hollywood truck accidents are also high risk because they can affect a large area. A truck that spills its hazardous cargo could explode, causing flying debris to injure bystanders far away. Spills can also damage the roads or cause noxious fumes that can harm people living in nearby homes. In some cases, they can cause Hollywood burn injuries and other serious injuries. The number of victims in these types of Hollywood traffic accidents can be substantial, since the area affected by the accident can be quite large. A chemical spill involving a dangerous gas, for example, can affect thousands of people living in the area.

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