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When North Miami Beach Truck Accidents Harm Bystanders

North Miami Beach truck accidents occur every year, and in most cases the principal parties involved are the truck driver and any other motorist involved in the accident. However, in some cases, by standers are injured in this type of North Miami Beach traffic accident. Due to the force involved in a truck accident, debris can travel some distance from the accident, and can injure bystanders. This can happen in a number of ways. A bystander may be injured while walking by the accident scene, or may sustain a serious injury while trying to help those involved in the accident. Some bystanders are seriously injured or even killed due to truck accidents they were not directly involved in.

If you were injured as a bystander in a North Miami Beach truck accident, it is important to contact a qualified North Miami Beach personal injury attorney right away. These cases can be devastating for the victim, but they can also be frustrating. In many cases, bystanders may not be fully covered by car insurance or property insurance for their injuries. Many bystanders also sustain injuries which are not covered by most insurance carriers. For example, someone who witnesses a serious North Miami Beach traffic accident may need counseling to deal with the emotional trauma. However, many insurance carriers may not cover this type of treatment.

For bystanders injured in truck accidents, these cases can also be quite complicated. For example, there may be multiple liable parties. The bystander may have been standing on public or private property and the injuries may actually have been caused by multiple vehicles. In addition, those at the scene may not have secured a scene for safety adequately. While multiple liable parties can improve the chances that an injured victim will secure a fair recovery for medical costs and other damages, investigating the liable parties and securing the recovery often requires an experienced attorney.

Bystanders may sustain serious injuries that cause lost income and incur significant medical costs. A qualified attorney can help ensure that the bystander does not have to pay all these costs out of pocket. A good attorney can pursue all liable parties and can ensure that an injury victim understands all their rights and options. There are Florida laws which protect injured bystanders, but many people are not aware of them. A qualified North Miami personal injury attorney can help a victim understand their rights and can aggressively pursue available options on behalf of the victim.

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