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Brake Recall Highlights the Importance of Miami Brake Defects in Truck Accidents

Brake problems cause many Miami truck accidents and Miami car accidents each year. When brakes fail to brake correctly, a driver can roll through an intersection, lose control of the vehicle, or be unable to stop in time in order to avoid an accident. Brake problems can be caused by a number of factors. For example, some Miami traffic accidents are caused when a commercial truck is so overloaded that the extra pressure of the weight causes the brakes to work incorrectly. A commercial truck`s brakes may also fail due to incorrect maintenance or due to wear and tear caused by poor driving.

In some cases, however, brake problems can also be caused because a truck part manufacturer has designed or manufactured a brake that is defective. This month, for example, Volvo Trucks North America has announced the recall of some of its VNL and VNM vehicle brakes, saying that the brakes have a relay valve defect that could lead to accidents. The NHTSA has announced that some 2011 and 2012 brakes with the Bendix ATR-6 traction relay valves could leak internally in some cold temperatures. This can cause air pressure to affect some components of the brake, leading to the continuous application of the brake. In turn, this can potentially cause overheating, fires, or even wheel lockup. About 22,383 trucks may be affected by the recall, according to the NHTSA.

Brake defects are nothing new, but each recall is a cause for concern. Volvo has stated that they will offer temporary repairs for the brakes and seek out a permanent repair. They have also stated that they will contact customers about the recall. However, that may mean that there are thousands of trucks on the road with potentially dangerous brakes. As well, even once customers are notified, truck carriers still must remove affected trucks from the road and submit them to repairs in a timely manner.

After a Miami truck accident involving a brake defect, it often takes a qualified Miami personal injury attorney to uncover liable parties. When a brake fails, there may be multiple liable parties. The manufacturer of the brakes may have designed a brake with defects or a flaw in the manufacturing process may have created a defective brake. Even in cases where a brake has not been recalled, it may still be affected by dangerous defects that have simply not been uncovered or publicized yet. In addition to the manufacturer, the truck carrier may be held liable for not correctly maintaining the brakes. Even the driver may be held liable if a problem with the brakes is not reported. If the driver operates the truck in a way that harms the brakes, the driver may also be held liable.

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