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Could Fixies Lead to More Davie Bicycle Accidents?

Fixed-gear bicycles are very trendy right now, but some safety experts caution that the bicycles could lead to more bicycle accidents. Fixies, as they are sometimes known, are bicycles with no changeable gears and one speed. Fixed-gear bicycles are different from traditional bicycles because they lack a free wheel. This means that the pedals of the fixie move while the bicycle is in motion, preventing bicyclists from coasting.

Of special concern to safety experts is the fact that some bicyclists riding fixies do not use brakes because the bicycles come to a stop soon after the bicyclist stops pedaling. Than Chen Munn of the Safe Cycling Task Force feels that bicyclists on fixies are more prone to running red lights because the bicycles have no brakes and are therefore harder to control than traditional bicycles. He is especially concerned because fixies are popular among younger bicyclists, who already have less experience on bikes and may be more vulnerable to accidents. These features could easily lead to Davie bicycle accidents if a bicyclist runs a red light and causes a Davie car accident.

Doctors are also concerned that fixies could lead to many other Davie personal injuries, not just those caused by Davie traffic accidents. Since the bicycles have no brakes, bicyclists on fixies generally stop the bicycle by using their feet and legs to stop the motion of the bicycle. According to some doctors and physiotherapists, this can cause damage to the feet and legs, and especially to the ligaments. Bicyclists who are riding fast and attempt to stop with their legs are especially vulnerable to damaged ligaments.

So far, there have been few serious reported accidents involving fixies, but experienced bicyclists and safety experts are concerned, especially with the popularity of fixies skyrocketing over the past two years. Experienced bicyclists as well as the Safe Cycling Task Force recommend that bicyclists who buy fixies get to know the bicycle first and understand its mechanics first. Gaining experience in a secure environment – such as on low-risk bike trails with no traffic – is a good idea at first. Bicyclists may also wish to consider having more than one bicycle – a fixie for lower-risk conditions and a traditional bicycle for riding on streets with traffic. Having a bicycle with multiple gears and brakes is important when sharing the road with cars and vehicles, since a bicycle with brakes gives bicyclists more control over the motion of the bike.

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