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Responsible Parties in Hialeah Truck Accidents

Hialeah truck accidents are caused by a number of factors, including distracted driving, DUI, poor truck maintenance, poor truck company policies, fatigued driving, and other reasons. While the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and other government bodies have strict policies in place to make commercial trucking as safe as possible, Hialeah car accidents caused by commercial trucks still occur every year.

In most cases, there are multiple liable parties in a Hialeah traffic accident involving a commercial truck. These can include:

1) The truck driver. Truck drivers have many responsibilities on the road, including driving safely, following all traffic and commercial trucking rules, keeping a daily driving log, and performing twice-daily inspections of their vehicle. When truck drivers disobey the law, drive recklessly, and otherwise endanger the public they can be held liable if their actions lead to a Hialeah car accident or traffic accident.

2) The company that hired the truck driver. Truck carriers who hire truck drivers are expected to screen drivers carefully and to ensure that drivers have the correct training and support needed to drive safely. When truck companies fail to do so or fail to enforce policies that allow drivers to drive safely, they can be held liable if their actions lead to an accident.

3) The company that owns the truck or cargo. In cases where cargo is secured incorrectly, declared incorrectly, and in cases where a truck is not kept in good condition, the company responsible for the truck or cargo can be held liable.

4) The company responsible for truck maintenance. If a third party is responsible for truck maintenance, that company may be held liable if they are reckless or negligent in keeping the truck in poor condition.

5) The manufacturer of the truck or various truck parts. In cases where tire defects or other parts defects cause a Hialeah truck accident or traffic accident, the manufacturer of the truck or truck parts may be held liable for injuries if the company should have known or did know about the defects but failed to act in time.

6) The municipality, state, or town where the truck accident took place. Communities are responsible for maintaining roads and signage on many roads and states are often responsible for interstate roadways. When poor road conditions or signage cause an accident, the community or state may be held partly liable for some of the injuries the accident causes.

It can actually serve accident victims to have multiple liable parties in a case. While it can make the case more complex, it can also increase the odds that a victim who has sustained a serious Hialeah spinal cord injury, burn injury, or other serious injury can recover fair compensation for their injuries. This is why speaking with a Hialeah personal injury attorney after your accident is so important. An experienced attorney can investigate your accident and can seek out which parties are liable, so that you have the best chance of recovering fair compensation for your injuries.

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