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Could New Rules Prevent Some Miami Lakes Truck Accidents?

The US Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has recently proposed new rules aimed at preventing rollover accidents involving buses and large trucks. Could the new rules help prevent Miami Lakes bus accidents and truck accidents? Some experts believe so. Under the proposed changes, large trucks, buses, and motor coaches would be required to have electronic stability control (ESC) devices, which some industry experts believe are imperative in preventing rollover accidents.

Electronic Stability Control (ESC) devices are comprised of a computer and sensors. The devices monitor the response of a truck to steering input, and the devices can also apply brakes when needed. ESC devices also screen the power of a vehicle to prevent loss of control. In emergency situations, the devices can help the driver keep control of a truck in cases where the truck might otherwise veer out of control and crash.

Some research has suggested that the devices are very effective in preventing truck accidents that occur when a vehicle loses control. These are also the types of accidents that most often lead to rollover accidents. ESC devices, although they do not activate often, may be especially useful on wet roads and on highways, where loss of control can happen easily.

One reason that the NHTSA has suggested the use of ESC devices on all commercial trucks, motor coaches and buses is because some research has suggested that more than half of bus and truck rollover accidents could be prevented with the wide-spread use of ESC devices. Research also suggests that ESC devices could reduce multiple vehicle accidents on highways by up to 20% and single vehicle accidents on highways by up to 49% if the devices were used in pickup trucks and passenger vehicles. Many trucks, buses, and motor coaches already use ESC devices.

Preventing Miami Lakes rollover truck accidents is important because these types of accidents often lead to fatalities and serious injuries. In these types of Miami Lakes truck accidents, the loss of control often leads to multiple vehicle crashes and the impact of the collision often leads to catastrophic results for the passengers of any smaller vehicles in the way. Rollover accidents are also more likely to lead to fuel leads, cargo leaks, explosions, and fires as the trucks are seriously damaged in the crash. In cases where this type of Miami Lakes traffic accident involves a truck carrying large quantities of hazardous or flammable materials, the results can be catastrophic.

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