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PTSD and Miami Truck Accidents and Car Accidents

Does PTSD play a role in Miami truck accidents and traffic accidents? The USAA, an insurance carrier for military families, has a new study which suggests it does. According to the USAA study, which examined the car accident rates after 171,000 deployments over a period of three years, US military personnel have 13% more at-fault car accidents in the six months after coming home when compared with the six months before deployment.

According to the USAA, one reason may be because military personnel require a different style of driving in Kabul and other deployment areas to stay alive. When they return home after duty, they may be used to this style of driving and may struggle to adjust to driving at home. Many members of the military, for example, need to drive heavy vehicles during combat situations and need to drive in order to deal with the threat of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) as well as other road hazards. As a result, perhaps, the USAA found that most car accidents found to be caused by military personnel after deployment were caused by objects in the road.
Some members of the military have higher rates of accidents than others. Members of the military had 23% more at-fault car accidents within the first six months of coming home, while members of the Marines had 12.5% more accidents. Members of the Navy and the Air Force had rates of 3% and 2%, respectively. Those who were deployed at least three times had 36% more accidents than those deployed less often while those who were deployed twice has 27% more car accidents and traffic accidents when compared with those who had been deployed just once. The same study found that seniors who were over 29 years of age and who had more seniority when compared with those who were younger and with less training.

The study adds to a growing number of studies showing the effects of war trauma on returning soldiers. Other studies have shown that brain injuries and chronic headaches, among other issues, are becoming more common with soldiers and members of the military.

The USAA study is significant in that it sheds some important insight on Miami traffic accidents and some of their causes. Members of the military clearly sacrifice a great deal to protect their homes, and knowing that these issues exist will hopefully ensure that members of the military get more support after deployment. The study also suggests that more can be done to prevent Miami car accidents and truck accidents.

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