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Summer Road Hazards and Coral Gables Truck Accidents

The summer presents many driving opportunities, but it also means more trucks and cars on the roads, which can mean more Coral Cables traffic accidents. As well, the unique conditions of summer can lead to new perils. There are many road hazards that are particular to summer that can lead to Coral Gables truck accidents and traffic accidents:

1) Hot roads. During Florida summers, very hot temperatures can turn asphalt roads into very hot surfaces, and these surfaces can be very detrimentally to rubber tires. Truck tires may be especially vulnerable to Coral Gables tire blowouts and tire defects due to the weather, since rubber disintegrates faster in very hot conditions. When commercial trucks are overloaded, this puts even more pressure on the tires and makes tire blowouts even more likely.

2) Summer weather conditions. Hot weather can also be dangerous for drivers. Hot weather can cause drowsiness and discomfort, which can be distracting and dangerous. Drowsiness in the summer heat can be especially dangerous for truck drivers, who must often drive for long hours as part of their job. Drowsiness due to hot weather can be an especial problem if it is combined with sleep problems or with over the counter medications that lead to sleepiness. Summer sun can also cause glare and can make it harder for drivers to see properly, which can lead to a Coral Gables car accident or traffic accident. The sun can also lead to headaches, dehydration, and other problems, which can be distracting. This is one reason why keeping sunglasses and bottled water in the car is an important precaution in the summer.

3) Heavy summer traffic. Summer traffic inevitably means more cars, trucks, pedestrians, and every other type of traffic as more residents head outside and as more visitors arrive in the city. Higher traffic volumes and the fact that more types of road users are sharing the roads can increase the risk of Coral Gables traffic accidents, however.

4) Summer road work and construction projects. Summer is often when road work and construction projects take place, but these projects can cause congestion and traffic snafus that lead to Coral Gables truck accidents.

5) Summer distractions. Summer often means more distractions, including street festivals and events as well as special advertising and promotional campaigns. These distractions can make it harder for drivers to focus on driving, which can lead to Coral Gables car accidents.

6) Animals. Warm weather means that more animals – including pets as well as wildlife – are out and about. It can be an especial problem for truck drivers, since they tend to drive late at night and early in the morning, when wildlife is more likely to be on the roadways.

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