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How One Fort Lauderdale Truck Accident Leads to Others: Secondary Accidents

Everyone knows the devastation that Fort Lauderdale truck accidents can cause. We have all seen the news reports of a tractor-trailer on its side, blocking traffic, caught on fire, and causing devastation on the roadway during rush hour. However, what many people do not realize is that one Lord Lauderdale truck accident is dangerous because it can cause secondary Fort Lauderdale car accidents and traffic accidents. There many reasons why secondary accidents take place:

1) Spills. In cases where a commercial truck is carrying a full load, that cargo may spill during a Fort Lauderdale truck collision. When this occurs, the substance can spill out over the surface of the road, causing obstructions to traffic and possible secondary Fort Lauderdale motorcycle accidents and car accidents. If the substance spilled is toxic or dangerous, breathing in the fumes can cause serious personal injury for any innocent bystander and for any emergency personnel in the area. In cases where the substance is slippery, it can easily lead to slip and fall accidents, cars spinning out of control, and other types of accidents. In situations where the substance is flammable, the result can be a devastating fire and secondary accidents as drivers try to swerve out of the way the flames.

2) Curiosity. Unfortunately, many secondary accidents are completely preventable, and they occur because people slow down to take a look at an accident. While curiosity in the wake of an accident is natural, rubbernecking and slowing down suddenly can lead to even more accidents. If you are driving when you see a Fort Lauderdale truck accident, it is important to stay calm, keep your eyes focused on the road, and to obey the directions of any emergency responders at the scene. Getting out of the way of the accident should be your first priority. If someone is in need of assistance, pull over to the side of the road before calling for emergency help.

3) Blocked roadways. Due to the size of commercial trucks, when they are involved in a Fort Lauderdale traffic accident, they can block off entire lanes of traffic. When this occurs, it can prevent traffic from flowing normally, which can lead to road rage, congestion, and others issues which can lead to a Fort Lauderdale car accident.

4) Fires and structural damage. In some cases, devastating Fort Lauderdale truck accidents can lead to explosions, fires, and collisions that cause road damage and structural damage. This type of damage, when not cleaned up properly, can easily lead to a Fort Lauderdale car accident down the line.

5) Fallout leading to damage to a second vehicle. A truck accident can cause debris to spill on the road or to fly at other cars. In some cases, other cars are struck or are damaged by the debris, and this damage can lead to an accident.

If you have been injured in a Fort Lauderdale truck accident caused by a wrongful act or by someone’s recklessness, contact the Flaxman Law Group. Florida law protects you in these cases, and allows you to recover money for the injuries you have sustained. To find out how you may qualify for compensation, contact the Flaxman Law Group today to arrange for a free consultation to discuss your situation.