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Issues Which Can Contribute to Fort Lauderdale Truck Accidents

Fort Lauderdale truck accidents cause many fatalities and serious injuries each year. When someone is involved in this type of Fort Lauderdale traffic accident, they often have questions about what has caused the collision. There are many issues and factors which can case truck accidents:

1) Company policies. In some cases, truck carriers instill policies which are designed to improve profits but which do not necessarily help safety. For example, some companies may not thoroughly screen drivers or may put added pressure on drivers through tight deadlines, pushing drivers to take added risks.

2) Driver fatigue. Statistics have shown that fatigued driving is a major cause of many truck accidents. There are federal rules which enforce certain rest periods for commercial truck drivers, but driver fatigue is still an issue. In part, this is because while drivers may rest they may not necessarily get adequate sleep on the road. In addition, drivers often work odd hours to make deliveries, and this type of work can be exhausting, even if a driver does get adequate sleep. Finally, certain conditions, such as sleep apnea, can cause fatigue that can lead to a Fort Lauderdale car accident or truck accident.

3) Driver distraction. Commercial truck drivers are banned from using cell phones while driving, but some continue to do so. Some drivers also are distracted by changing music, eating, or trying to do other things while driving. In all cases, driving distracted can lead to devastating crashes.

4) Driver error. Driver mistakes are one of the leading causes of truck accidents. In many cases, driver errors are indirectly caused by lack of driver training, inexperienced driver, fatigued or distracted drivers, or by another secondary cause.

5) Lack of attention to rules and regulations. Commercial truck drivers are expected to follow the rules of the road and are expected to adhere to the federal policies created for commercial truck drivers. When truck drivers speed, fail to follow the rules of the road, and otherwise violate the rules, collisions are a common result.

6) Road rage. When truck drivers get upset and frustrated – which can occur after long days on the road – they are more likely to make mistakes and drive aggressively, which puts everyone at risk.

7) Substance abuse. Commercial truck drivers are tested for substance abuse, but in some cases drivers do use stimulants on controlled substances. While the rate of Fort Lauderdale drunk driving accidents is lower among commercial truck drivers than the general driving population, it can still be a problem. In some cases, even over the counter medications can make truck drivers dangerously sleepy.

8) Mechanical issues. Both truck drivers and truck carriers are responsible for regular checks of a truck and for regular truck maintenance to ensure that a truck is safe for the road. When a truck system – such as the brakes system – fails and causes an accident, it is often due to a parts defect or lack of adequate maintenance.

9) Load issues. A fully commercial truck that is loaded with too much cargo is more likely to suffer brake failure or tire failure as the extra weight puts added stress on the vehicle. When a truck is overloaded or when a load is not correctly secured, the truck is also more susceptible to rollover accidents.

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