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South Miami Dump Truck Accidents

South Miami truck accidents are always devastating, and dump truck accidents are no different. Dump trucks are used to haul debris, sand, asphalt, and other materials to and from construction sites, mining sites, and other industrial areas. When these vehicles are involved in South Miami car accidents, the results are often devastating. An average 5-axle dump truck can weight more than 65 000 pounds when fully loaded. The size and force of this vehicle during a South Miami traffic accident can easily crush a smaller car or truck.

Another problem with dump truck accidents is that the bumpers on these types of trucks are either left out or placed high for ground clearance. Bumpers are often important in order to prevent override accidents, or South Miami car accidents in which a smaller passenger vehicle slides underneath a dump truck and is either sheared or dragged along until the truck can come to a complete stop. An override accident usually causes devastating injuries, including serious South Miami brain injuries and even fatal injuries, since the passenger vehicle is crushed under the truck.

An additional problem that can lead to dump truck accidents has to do with dump beds. Dump trucks are unique in that they have beds which can be raised in order to remove a load of cargo from the truck. The beds can be raised high enough to give workers access to the area under the dump bed. However, when a dump truck bed crashes unexpected from the raised position, serious South Miami construction accidents and workplace accidents generally occur. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) asks employers to create lockout procedures during the times that employees are working under the dump body of these types of trucks, but not all employers follow these standards. OSHA also suggests using an additional truck bed brace bracket to keep dump truck beds secure when being held in an upright position.

Survivors of dump truck accidents who have sustained a serious injury should consult with an experienced South Miami personal injury attorney soon after their accident. The financial losses of this type of accident can be significant. Injured parties can lose income and face serious medical bills. If the accident has been caused by a wrongful act or by negligence, Florida law permits injured parties to seek a legal claim in order to recover compensation that can help pay for quality medical care and other needed expenses.

Since dump trucks are commercial vehicles, there are often multiple liable parties involved in an accident involving this type of truck. In addition to the driver of the truck, the manufacturer of the truck, contractors, insurance companies, trucking companies, and other liable parties can all be held liable for the accident. Since commercial trucks are held to stricter traffic standards and rules, this can often benefit the victim of a devastating accident. A patient can have a better chance of recovering more of the hospital and medical costs as well as related expenses in situations where there are more liable parties, and this can ensure that an innocent victim is not in a position where they have to make up lost income and large medical costs out of pocket.

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