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The Dangers of Fuel Truck Accidents in Miami and Other Florida Communities

Fuel trucks carry fuel to homes, businesses, and to and from industrial sites every day. When these trucks are involved in truck accidents in Miami and other communities, however, the results can be catastrophic. Fuel is often highly combustible and unstable, increasing the likelihood of a fire. Tanker trucks containing fuel also more subject to rollovers and other accidents because the cargo is less stable. The devastation of these types of traffic accidents in Miami and other communities can be catastrophic:

1) Fuel truck accidents can lead to fires and explosions. While fuel tanker trucks are especially secured to protect against fires and damage, in a rollover or other type of truck or car accident in Miami, a fuel truck can spill its cargo, can explode, or can cause a serious fire. While a simple leak and spark alone are not usually enough to cause a fuel fire, when fires do occur they can be devastating. Fuel trucks can carry 100 gallons of fuel, and this is enough to cause a serious explosion or serious fire that can cause devastating damage to everyone in the area. The high heat and the extreme nature the fire can make it difficult for firefighting professionals to approach the scene immediately, meaning that it can be hard to extinguish this type of fire right away.

2) Fuel truck accidents often lead to secondary accidents. Truck accidents that result in fires, explosions, or spills can easily lead to a secondary accident. A tanker truck accident in Miami that causes a spill, for example, can lead to additional car accidents if approaching vehicles do not notice the spill in time. If a fuel truck accident results in a fire, other cars may be involved in collisions as they tried to stay away from the flames.

3) Fuel truck accidents can cause devastation and injury to bystanders and can cause damage to people over a wide radius. Fuel truck accidents, especially if they lead to explosions or fires, can affect people over a wide radius. Nearby homes and businesses may be severely damaged by the blaze, for example, and nearby pedestrians may suffer serious burn injuries or other serious injuries. Homes and businesses in the area may need to be evacuated until the situation is under control.

4) Fuel truck accidents can release toxins. Burning fuel can released dangerous toxins in the air, which can lead to severe injury and illness to bystanders in the area. Children, the elderly, and those with respiratory problems may be especially at risk. In some situations, tankers carry hazardous materials. When these hazardous substances spill or ignite, the results can lead to an environment and health disaster.

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