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Truck Drivers Get Serious About Health to Prevent Truck Accidents in Miami and Other Florida Cities

There is a well-established link between truck driver health and truck safety. Truck drivers in poor physical shape are more likely to suffer from sleep apnea, obesity, heart disease, and other medical conditions that can eventually lead to truck accidents in Miami and other communities. Unfortunately, commercial truck drivers also tend to have one of the least healthy lifestyles among the working classes. Shift work, frequent travel, long days of sitting, stress, and poor eating on the road can all contribute to poor health and can eventually lead to truck and car accidents in Miami and other cities.

Fortunately, some commercial truck drivers are striking back against the unhealthy lifestyle. Through groups such as Driving Healthy, The Healthy Trucker, and others, commercial truck drivers are making important lifestyle changes to lose weight and get healthier so that they can stay safer on the roads. According to safety experts, truck drivers can do this by:

1) Getting exercise. One of the biggest risk factors associated with trucking is that truck drivers spend hours each day sitting and driving. Studies have shown that workers who sit for more than eight hours per day have a higher risk of heart disease and earlier death. To exercise, truck drivers need to stay motivated and they need to fit in workouts in small increments – while a truck is being loaded or fueled up, for instance, or before the day starts. Some truck drivers use social media or a journal to keep track of exercise so that they stay motivated to work out each day.

2) Making the best food choices possible. One of the biggest challenges to truck driver health is diet. Many truck drivers grab fast food, which is inexpensive and convenient, but also contains a lot of fat and calories with very little nutritious value. Few truck drivers can cook in their trucks, and relying on fast food can lead to obesity and health problems, which in turn can increase a truck driver’s risk of traffic accidents in Miami and other communities. Some truck drivers are stocking up on healthier no-cook options in grocery stores. Foods such as fresh fruit and salads from a salad bar can be a better option than hamburgers. Truck drivers who have an inverter in their truck can cook using portable kitchen appliances and many truck drivers also use slow cookers in their cabs to cook up their own meals rather than relying on junk foods.

3) Getting regular check-ups. Since commercial truck drivers travel a lot, visiting the doctor regularly can be a challenge. However, making an effort to visit clinics and to get regular check-ups can ensure that any health problems are caught and treated early – before they become a real danger.

4) Avoiding smoking, excessive caffeine, and other stimulants. Truck drivers who have deadlines to meet will sometimes use stimulants to stay awake, but these are very unhealthy and put extra stress on the heart and on the entire body. Adequate rest and sleep is the best option for staying healthy.

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