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Officials Want to Help You Avoid a Car or Truck Accident in Miami Beach This Weekend

With the Fourth of July weekend here, authorities and officials are warning Florida residents to use extra caution to avoid traffic collisions in Miami Beach and other communities. There are a number of risk factors involved this weekend, including:

1) Busier streets. Miami Beach sees an influx of tourists at this time every year, and this year is no different. More tourists and more visitors can mean more cars on the road as well as more pedestrians. To avoid being involved in a car crash in Miami Beach or surrounding areas, account for added traffic when planning your trips and use extra caution on the roads.

2) Parties and other events where alcohol will be served. During this weekend, alcohol is a part of many celebrations and authorities say that this can increase the risk of drunk driving accidents in Miami Beach and across Florida. If you plan on drinking, leave your car at home and use public transportation or a designated driver to get home safely. Leaving your car at home reduces the temptation to drive home. Keep in mind that even if you have only a “few drinks” your mobility and focus may be impaired enough to put you at risk of a serious accident. If you drink at all, find another way of getting home. Even if you do not plan on drinking, have a “get home safely” plan in place this weekend. That may mean having extra cash for a cab, a bus schedule, or a friend’s number on hand. This way, if you do end up drinking you can still get home safely.

3) Special events. Special events can mean more pedestrian traffic, traffic delays, and unusual traffic (such as food trucks or delivery trucks) crammed into a relatively small area. If you are headed to a special event this weekend, consider taking public transportation or carpooling. If you need to drive by a special event, stay alert for revelers and added traffic. Slow down and focus on driving.

4) More trucks in the area. More trucks in the area can mean a greater risk of truck accidents in Miami Beach. With the special holiday events and the number of tourists, there will be food trucks in the area as well as more delivery trucks in the community as businesses gear up for a busy tourist season. In addition, there may be more shuttle tours and bus tours for tourists, which can increase the risk of bus accidents in Miami Beach and surrounding areas. If you are driving this weekend, take extra care.

5) Busy schedules. If you are working this weekend or trying to finalize plans, you may find that you are distracted and trying to do too much. Unfortunately, distraction is a leading cause of truck and car crashes in Miami Beach and across the country. Delicate some tasks, turn off mobile devices when driving, and try to get some extra sleep this weekend. You will feel better and be safer on the roads.

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