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Have You Suffered an Amputation After a Truck Accident in Homestead or Another Florida City?

Truck accidents in Homestead and other Florida cities cause a range of serious injuries. One of the most devastating tends to be an amputation. In cases of a serious traffic accident in Homestead or another community, firefighters and other emergency personnel sometimes need to amputate a limb in order to extract a survivor out of the wreckage of a car or truck. In addition, the impact of a car accident in Homestead or another city may simply cause enough damage to limbs that an amputation is needed to save the life of the patient.

Amputations cause devastating and lifelong injury to a patient. Patients who have this procedure may face additional risks and complications, including the risk of infection and other life-threatening conditions. In addition, amputations are expensive and require expense of prosthetics for the patient. Prosthetics often cost more than patients realize. These medical devices are always improving and patients need to update them regularly. In addition, a patient may need multiple prosthetics for different tasks. The cost of replacing multiple prosthetics over a lifetime can be very high, especially considering that newer, better prosthetics will be more expensive.

Amputations can change a patient’s entire life in the blink of an eye. Patients who have undergone amputations in Homestead and other cities often report feeling depressed, angry, and unable to return to life as they knew it before their accident. In some cases, patients are unable to carry on with their regular career or work and face financial devastation as a result.

If you have suffered an amputation as a result of a truck or car accident in Homestead or any Florida city, it is important to get as much support as possible. In addition to getting medical treatment at a hospital and through your physician, you may want to seek out a support group, counselors, or a therapist in order to deal with the devastating emotional loss.

It is also very important to protect your legal and financial rights. An amputation can have a devastating impact on your finances. The initial emergency surgery coupled with the high cost of prosthetics, coupled with income loss and the income devastation that an amputation can cause can all add up to substantial financial pressure. Speak with a personal injury attorney in Homestead or your community to find out about your options for pursuing fair compensation. Fair compensation can help pay for quality prosthetics and a lifetime of medical care as well as replacement for lost income.

The Flaxman Law Group legal team has worked with many amputation patients in Homestead and across South Florida. They are aware of the high cost of prosthetics as well as the lifelong medical costs that these patients face. If you would like to speak with a compassionate and professional personal injury attorney in Homestead or your community, contact the Flaxman Law Group today to arrange for a free consultation with a personal injury attorney.