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Types of Driver Distraction That Lead to Truck Accidents in Homestead and other Communities

Driver fatigue and distraction is a major concern for long-haul commercial truckers. Even though truck drivers are required to take more training and submit to more rigorous testing than most motorists, the long hours they spend behind the wheel combined with unusual work shifts, can make these drivers more vulnerable to both fatigue and distraction. Unfortunately, the stakes are also higher. When commercial truck drivers are distracted, they can cause catastrophic traffic collisions in Homestead and other cities. There are many types of distraction that truck drivers are susceptible to:

1) Highway hypnosis. Long hours on the road can itself be distracting. Since it is difficult to focus for an entire shift, drivers may begin find themselves focusing less, especially along long stretches of highways. This can easily lead to a car or pedestrian accident in Homestead or another community.

2) Work-related tasks. Some truck carriers expect truck drivers to be “on call” all the time and complete other work-related tasks – such as speaking to dispatch – during a drive. When truck drivers are expected to pick up cell phone calls or text information about their deliveries, however, accidents are a common result. A good personal injury attorney in Homestead or your community can work to determine whether motor carrier policies are a factor in a crash.

3) Mobile devices. Mobile devices such as cell phones, tablets, MP3 players, and other devices remove a driver’s focus from driving and their eyes from the road. There is texting ban in place for all truck drivers operating commercial vehicles, but some drivers still use cell phones and other devices while driving.

4) Truck systems. Changing music, adjusting mirrors, and taking care of other basic tasks inside the cabin can distract a truck driver for a few seconds at a time – more than enough time for the truck to cause an accident.

5) Personal issues. Like all drivers, truck drivers may become distracted by personal worries and stress, thinking about their own problems or even their to-do lists rather than driving. Long-haul drives and long shifts can contribute to this.

6) Daydreaming. Studies released in the past year have highlighted the fact that daydreaming and focusing on anything other than driving can and does lead to car crashes and traffic collisions. Even if a driver is not taking their eyes from the road, the mind misses important cues during daydreaming.

7) Events on the road. Accidents on the road, billboards, other drivers, pedestrians, and road work can all lead to rubbernecking and distraction as well as secondary car accidents.

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