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Head-On Collisions: What are They and Why Are They So Deadly?

Head-on collisions are terrifying and often involve serious injuries, including head injuries, spinal cord trauma, whiplash, internal injuries, and other serious injuries. They also often involve fatalities. These injuries are especially frustrating because they are completely preventable. Head on collisions in Homestead happen when one car enters the oncoming lane. This often happens when someone falls asleep at the wheel because they are driving fatigued or are so distracted that they do not notice that they have changed lanes.

There is no reason for a driver to be entering an oncoming lane, so in head-on collisions, the driver who is in the wrong lane is often considered to be at fault. In many of these cases, the accidents are distracted driving crashes, distracted driving collisions, or drunk driving accidents in Homestead.


These types of crashes tend to have a very high injury and fatality rate. There are a few reasons for this:

•Speed is often a factor in these accidents
•The driver in the right lane may not be expecting a car headed towards them and may not have time to react
•These crashes often cause the air bags to inflate, and these can cause secondary injury if they are defective in any way
•The force of these crashes is significant
•In many collisions, the two vehicles are different sizes and a smaller car is often severely damaged by a larger vehicle
•In a head-on truck collision, a smaller passenger car may be crushed or pushed under the truck by the force of impact
•The force of these crashes usually impacts the front of the car, where the driver is most affected
•The force of these crashes is enough to cause serious damage to the hood of the car, which can cause fuel leaks and even fire, causing burn injuries and threatening the lives of the passengers
Even though the hood of the car acts as a crumple zone, offering some protection, the high force and impact of these collisions means that many survivors walk away with serious or permanent injury and many passengers sustain fatal injuries as a result of these accidents.

If you have been injured in a head-on collision, it may seem like an open and shut case because the driver who was in the incorrect lane was obviously at fault. However, just because fault is clear, it does not mean that it will be easy to get compensation. There are many reasons why it may be hard to get compensation in these traffic accidents in Homestead:

•The at-fault driver may try to assign blame to other drivers or to circumstances
•An insurance company may undervalue the claim or the injuries
•The other driver may be uninsured or underinsured
•The other driver may be claiming that a product default or manufacturing defect in the car resulted in the accident

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