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Resources Available to Truck Accident Victims in Hollywood and Across Florida

Being in a truck accident in Hollywood or anywhere in Florida is a deeply traumatic experience and if you have been seriously injured you will need an entire team of support in order to heal physically and emotionally. It can take months or even a lifetime to heal, especially if you are permanently injured and will need to get used to new levels of ability. Luckily, there are many resources that can help:

1) Your doctor. If you are seriously injured in a truck or car accident in Hollywood or another community, you will likely be rushed to a hospital. Even if you are fortunate enough to walk away from the crash, however, it is important to consult with your doctor as soon as possible after the collision. Some injuries, including soft tissue injuries and brain injuries, may not seem to present symptoms right away but can still be very serious. When speaking with your physician, be sure to discuss any symptoms or emotional upheaval you may be experiencing. Your doctor can help you find specialists and even support groups in your area to help you deal with the aftermath of a serious traffic collision.


2) Your insurance company. Your insurance company can help you find a rental car, can help you file a claim, and can help you financially after an accident. You will want to report your truck collision to your insurer promptly.

3) Law enforcement. If you suspect that the other driver was doing something illegal or if the crash was serious, you will want to contact law enforcement. They may be able to tell you about local advocacy groups and resources and can also help you with pursuing criminal charges.

4) A personal injury attorney. Before accepting any insurance money or making any important decisions in your case, you will want to consult with a personal injury attorney in Hollywood or your community. A good attorney can review your case and can give you legal advice, so that you can evaluate compensation offers. A good lawyer can also help you find local experts, car repair shops, and other resources that can help as you heal.

5) Advocacy and support groups.
Support groups and advocacy groups are excellent resources for the long-term process of healing. They can provide advocacy, counseling, and other important services. CRASH Foundation (Citizens for Reliable And Safe Highway), for example, is a support group that can help you find experts and medical services. They also provide advocacy, phone support, information, counseling, a support network, and other resources. You can reach them via their website ( Another good organization is the Trauma Support Network. This group provides educational and support services for all trauma survivors – including those who have suffered loss or severe injury in a collision. This group offers online support forums, in-person support groups, and other services. You can reach them via phone (1-800-556-7890) or website (

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