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How Can we Make Sure That The Future of the Trucking Industry in Florida is a Safe One?

The American Trucking Associations (ATA) expects that the trucking industry will grow rapidly in the next ten years. A recent report released by the organization predicts that by the end of the decade, the percentage of tonnage hauled by trucks will increase by 2.3%. This means that the trucking industry will be responsible for 70.8% of the tonnage hauled in the US. At the same time, freight revenues will increase 63.6% overall, up to $1.3 trillion. The train industry and transport by other methods is expected to decline or increase only modestly over the next decade, which is one reason why the industry is expected to grow so rapidly.

While the above is great news for those in the trucking industry, it does raise some questions for those who are concerned about truck collisions in Miami and across the country. As the trucking industry grows, what will happen to the rate of truck and car accidents in Miami and other cities? How can we make sure that the next decade is not only economically great, but also safe?


According to safety experts, a number of changes can be made to improve safety:

1) Control the growing volume of truckloads. According to the ATA report, truckload volumes will increase by 3.2% until 2018 and then will increase at a rate of 1.1% per year until 2024. Studies have shown that heavier, larger trucks may carrier a higher risk of rollovers, brake failure, tire blowouts, and other dangers. Overweight trucks also put an additional strain on roads and infrastructure, which can lead to potholes and other road hazards in Miami and other cities.

2) Improve working conditions for truck drivers. Good pay and good working conditions for drivers can encourage drivers to drive more carefully and can encourage good health among drivers, which can mean better safety on the road. Rewarding drivers for good safety records and paying for additional training can create more financial incentives for safety. Many truck accidents are still caused by human error, and selecting drivers carefully while ensuring that safe drivers are supported can help.

3) Hold negligent drivers and motor carriers liable for their actions. When motor carriers and drivers in Miami are negligent and cause serious accidents, they should be held fully accountable under the law so that they feel financial and legal pressure to adopt safer policies.

4) Use technology to reduce truck accidents. Safety technology – such as sensors in trucks, cameras in the cab, and other devices – can help prevent accidents. One of the most exciting developments in the recent years is the idea of the driverless truck, which could, in theory, help reduce and eventually virtually eliminate accidents caused by human error.

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