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How the Knights of the Highways Work to Reduce Trucking Collisions in Hollywood and Other Communities

In the past, commercial truck drivers were known as the “knights of the highway.” They were seen as hard-working people who took the time to help stranded drivers and worked to keep highways safe. Today, the image of the industry has changed. Thanks to a number of high-profile truck accidents and thanks to a changing image in the media, many people are concerned about the safety of large trucks. The number of serious and fatal trucking accidents in Hollywood does not help the image.

The reality is that many commercial truck drivers are in fact very concerned about road safety and do their best to prevent serious truck and car collisions in Hollywood and every city they drive. These employees face a high risk of on-the-job accidents in Hollywood and across the country because they spend hours on the road as well as hours working with and securing cargo. They also face the long-term health consequences of shift work and hours on the road.


While many drivers are careful to avoid traffic collisions, however, some truck drivers are undertrained, negligent, or dangerous behind the wheel. Most safety experts agree that truck drivers have a lower risk of at-fault accidents when compared with passenger car drivers, but some truck drivers do make the decision to drive fatigued, drunk, or distracted. When they do, they can cause devastating accidents that claim lives.

In addition to some negligent drivers, there are also some negligent motor carriers. Trucking companies are supposed to maintain their fleets and to carefully screen and train drivers. While many do that, a few negligent motor carriers care mostly about their bottom line and may not take the time to hire the most qualified drivers or make the effort to keep trucks in great shape, which can increase the risk of tire blowouts and other hazardous situations. Some motor carriers have policies which encourage risky driving. For example, some companies may encourage overloaded trucks or may financially reward drivers who are on the road for longer than is safe. Unfortunately, a few negligent companies create danger for everyone on the roads and contribute to traffic crashes.

What can be done about the dangers on the road? Safety experts agree that focusing on passenger car drivers is important. A number of studies, including a report released by the American Automobile Association Foundation for Traffic Safety, have found that passenger car drivers are the at-fault driver in up to 80% of car/truck collisions. Focusing on better training passenger car drivers is important.

However, getting unsafe truck drivers off the roads is also vital. Many people who have been seriously injured in a truck accident turn to personal injury attorneys in Hollywood or their community in order to get justice and compensation. Pursuing legal claims often pushes motor carriers and trucking companies to make safety changes to prevent further legal action.

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