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Toxic Exposure After Trucking Accidents in Hollywood and Other Cities

Trucking accidents in Hollywood and other cities can cause serious injuries by the impact alone. The size and force of a big rig or tractor trailer crashing into a passenger vehicle can cause an impact that causes injuries such as head trauma, fractures, paralysis, and other injuries.

However, victims in trucking and car collisions in Hollywood and other cities don’t just have to worry about the impact themselves. If a truck is carrying hazardous materials, the impact can cause a dangerous spill that results in toxic materials exposure for other drivers, the truck driver, and bystanders in the area. In some cases, spills of dangerous chemicals from a trucking accident can cause an environmental disaster, requiring evacuation of an entire area.


Trucks are used to transport dangerous materials, chemicals and even biohazards substances from factories, hospitals, and other destinations. In the event of a crash, these substances can cause:

•Toxic fumes and vapors
•Fires and burns
•Property damage
•Environmental hazards
In the event of a trucking accidents involving dangerous cargo, seconds matter. The initial impact can cause not only injuries but also a spill or explosion that can expose hundreds or even thousands of nearby residents to danger. In these cases, it is vital for emergency responders to know the nature of the spill or dangerous cargo so that they can respond promptly to evacuate the area, deal with the subsequent fire, or otherwise act to keep everyone safe.

Sometimes, cargo issues can contribute to the dangers involved in these types of crashes. In many cases, for example, it is important for the cargo to be properly labeled. When it is not, emergency responders may not know what steps to take after a collision to keep everyone safe. In addition to proper labeling, it is important for hazardous cargo to be loaded correctly. Overweight and overloaded trucks in Hollywood and other communities are always dangerous, but never more so than when the trucks are carrying dangerous substances. Overweight trucks and incorrectly loaded tractor trailers are prone to rollovers, braking failure, and other types of collisions. With toxic or flammable materials onboard, these collisions can turn even more deadly.

Even if you have not been directly impacted by a trucking accident, dangerous cargo may force you to close your business and lose income. In some cases, it can cause you respiratory issues or other health problems. If you have been affected by dangerous cargo, even if you were not directly involved in a traffic accident, you may have a legal claim.

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