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Cargo Problems and Trucking Collisions: What’s the Connection?

If you’ve seen debris on the roads in Hollywood or your city, you already know that cargo problems can translate to big problems on the roads. The reality is that 18-wheelers and other commercial trucks carry huge amounts of cargo across state lines, across the city, and across the country each day. Businesses and customers rely on big rigs and other trucks to keep the economy going and to deliver everything from food products to industrial chemicals. Unfortunately, in some cases cargo problems can lead to truck accidents in Hollywood and other cities. The biggest problems with cargo tend to be:


1) Overweight cargo. Overloaded and overweight trucks in Hollywood and other communities are a big risk on the roads. In fact, there are federal guidelines that strictly limit how much cargo commercial trucks can carry. Weight scales along highways are meant to make sure that truckers and truck carriers abide by these rules, but in some cases truckers and companies break these rules in order to save money by having to make fewer trips. Overweight cargo can cause drivers to lose control of their tractor trailers and can lead to rollovers and other serious accidents. Heavy cargo can place additional pressure on brake systems and tires, leading to tire blowouts and brake failure in Hollywood and other communities. In addition, overweight cargo can cause damage to roads and bridges, eventually contributing to car and motorcycle crashes caused by poor road conditions.

2) Incorrectly secured cargo. Truck drivers are responsible for ensuring that their cargo is correctly loaded and secured. This can mean using ropes or tarps to keep the cargo in place and to prevent it from shifting. Incorrectly secured cargo can shift during transport, increasing the risk of rollovers and other crashes.

3) Secondary accidents caused by cargo. When cargo is not correctly secured, it can spill out onto streets and highways, causing secondary car accidents. Some cargo can become flammable or dangerous when spilled, posing a danger for pedestrians and anyone in an area.

4) Hazardous cargo. When trucks transport bio-hazardous materials, toxic chemicals, or flammable products, they need to abide by certain additional rules for keeping this cargo safe. Some cargo is simply more dangerous because it poses a risk of explosion, fires, or toxic exposure. When a truck carrying this type of cargo is involved in an accident, it can lead to environmental disaster or it can mean that an entire area of a highway or city needs to be evacuated because of the danger of fire or toxic exposure.

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