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Construction Sites are the Scene of Many Trucking Accidents in Hollywood and other Cities

Construction sites rely on heavy machinery, including trucks, in order to complete jobs. Unfortunately, the heavy equipment and especially the trucks on construction sites can easily lead to crashes and severe injuries. In fact, traffic accidents are a leading cause of construction site accidents and injury in Hollywood and other communities.

These types of accidents tend to affect not only workers, but they can also affect pedestrians who happen to be walking in the area, passenger cars trying to drive through construction sites, and anyone else who is in the area. Unfortunately, one of the things that makes construction sites so dangerous is the fact that many types of vehicles are combined with pedestrians or individual workers who need to walk around the site. The area surrounding a construction site can also include local traffic that needs to make its way through a construction site or even pedestrians who are trying to get around the construction site in order to get to their destinations. There is a lot of room for possible injuries in this type of situation.


Construction sites typically have several types of vehicles and trucks on site, including:

•Cement trucks
•Passenger vehicles
•Dump trucks
•Commercial trucks carrying heavy equipment, supplies, or machinery
All of these trucks pose their own unique risks and dangers.

Many construction site accidents involving trucks are in fact preventable. There are many things that can be done to prevent trucking accidents on construction sites:

•Proper training of workers
•Proper signage and barriers for pedestrians and drivers in the area
•Proper supervision
•Correct use of signals on trucks
•Correct use of detours for local traffic
When construction companies are negligent in providing a safe workplace and site, work injuries in Hollywood and Florida can easily occur. Negligence on construction sites can also affect local traffic, leading to traffic collisions and pedestrian accidents.

Have you been injured when driving or walking through a construction site? If so, you will want to get answers about what has caused your injuries. Did the company involved take reasonable precautions to keep the area safe? Were the operators of trucks and other heavy equipment on the site careful and mindful of traffic and pedestrians in the area? If not and you have been injured as a result, you may have a legal claim that allows you to seek compensation for your financial losses.

If you have been injured on the job because of a construction site accident, you may be able to claim workers compensation benefits in Hollywood or your community. However, you may be concerned whether these benefits will cover your lost wages, medical bills, and other expenses. To get answers, you will want to consult with a personal injury attorney to get legal advice. In addition to workers compensation benefits, you may have other options for having your lost income, medical costs, and other expenses covered.

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